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For any gas, plumbing, heating or electrical work in your home, use a Gas Safe Registered (gas safety watchdog, previously CORGI) professional. Verify us on the website!



Sureflow offer boiler services for gas and oil boilers, including Agas and Rayburns (read more about our servicing)

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Are YOU getting all this with your standard boiler service?

  • Check correct operation of room thermostat, cylinder thermostat and immersion heater thermostat and re-set if required
  • Inspect hot water cylinder and report on cylinder insulation, check correct operation of isolation valves in cylinder cupboard
  • Inspect circulating pump, associated valves and motorised zone valves for correct operation
  • Check correct operation of all energy saving TRVs
  • Examine all radiators & valves for signs of ageing
  • Report on tank & pipework insulation in loft
  • Check & inspect feed and expansion tank, cold water storage tank and replace ball valves as required
  • Inspect main cold water stopcock for correct operation
  • Check all taps, shower valves and enclosures to ensure correct operation,water tightness and no dripping
  • Check all toilets to ensure correct flushing

No? There's never been a better time to change.

Sureflow Plumbing & Heating offer boiler services for gas and oil boilers, including Agas and Rayburns. All boiler services are carried out to the manufacturer's instructions and include the items listed above with no additional charge.

Sureflow Plumbing & Heating are committed to offering cost cutting and energy saving solutions to all our customers.