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Published: Friday 1 August 2008

Programmers are a convenience tool for all of us and are often left to do their own thing.

Central heating programmers are normally set up at the factory to turn on both your central heating and hot water in the morning and late afternoon, quite often additional timings are added during the winter months to include a two hour period through lunch time.

If you have double glazing, loft and/or cavity wall insulation then this tip is for you.

If your programmer is set close to the following Monday to Friday settings you should remove the first and second timings. I.e. the heating will only operate through the evening.

Average Monday to Friday timings (heating only)
1st on, 6.30am1st off, 8.30am
2nd on, 12pm2nd off, 2pm
3rd on, 4.30pm3rd off, 10.30pm

If your programmer is set close to the following Saturday & Sunday settings then shorten the 1st on time to no longer than 2 hours, remove the second timings and copy the 3rd on timings you would use for weekdays (4.30pm to 10.30pm)

Average Saturday & Sunday timings (heating only)
1st on, 6.30am1st off, 9.30am
2nd on, 12pm2nd off, 2pm
3rd on, 3.30pm3rd off, 10.30pm

If you're a working couple/family the only place you will notice the difference will be in your pocket. Upto 35% saving! This really works and there's absolutely no financial outlay.

Programmable room thermostats

You can also add a programmable room thermostat to further enhance your energy savings. Thermostats with 'optimum start' technology (delayed start) are the preferred option and are available as wireless.

Drayton optimum start thermostats feature unique self learning intelligent delayed start software that can help achieve savings in excess of 10% on heating bills and reduce CO2 emissions by delaying the switch on time of the heating by up to 1hr on milder days without affecting comfort levels.

Source: Drayton Controls